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Welcome to my personal site! I appreciate you stopping by to learn more about me.

 Hey, my name is Jannis!

I was born in Germany on the 30th of November 1992. I grew up in the surroundings of the city of Braunschweig. My family changed locations a couple of times. Most of the time I spent in one village, called Hillerse. I have one sister and my parents are separated. 
My favorite books
“Tao te ching” – Lao Tzu
“Siddartha” – Hermann Hesse
“The Power of Now” – Eckhart Tolle
This is my story: 
I was a trainee at a health care insurance company in Germany because it was supposed to be a good job. You know, stable and secure for the next couple of years or even decades. Even though I never got really excited about my job, I was okay with it. But then one day someone told me: “You can stay in this job until you retire, that’s amazing” That wasn’t amazing for me. It scared me. That was it? I was doomed to stay in the same job and do the same thing every single day for the next 40 years? Nein, danke! (“No, thanks!” in German). I decided to take a different route. 
After my traineeship ended, I went to Australia. I thought a work and travel year down under would be a great idea. It was, but not for the reason I expected it to be. A few weeks after I arrived in Sydney, I met my girlfriend, Nikki. That changed my life, for the better. Being away from the people around me, helped me to see different paths in life. I started doing yoga, meditation and eating a plant-based diet. I couldn’t imagine myself doing that while I was in Germany. 
In 2018 Nikki and I went to Germany for 3 months. Finally, I was able to show her Germany and my family and friends. During this time we spent 2 months sleeping in a car. It was not even a van. It was what you call in English a station wagon. It was an Opel Caravan G. It did its job. In fact, over time it got quite comfortable. Even for me and I’m 1,95m. I learned so much in that time. It was there and then when we realized that we don’t need so much. We had all we needed. Minimalism was appealing for us already for over a year. But that experience showed us that want that we enjoy our life like that.
We woke up at any time we wanted. We drove to get breakfast where we wanted. We visited cities when we wanted. We had all the freedom to do what, where and when we wanted. We were free. That was so exciting. That was a trigger for me. I want that life. Not just for 3 months, but for the rest of my life. 
That brought me to the SFM. I want geographical and financial freedom. The SFM gives me the opportunity to reach my goal. And now I want to give others the opportunity to build the life of their dreams, too.